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This is the home page for the effort to bring NetBSD up on the VAX architecture. I have several VAXen running NetBSD and one of my projects is to add support for the on-board DSSI controller found on the KA640, KA660, and KA670 to the system.

Hardware Reference

This page, maintained by David Brownlee is an excellent source of information about various bits of hardware associated with VAXen. I've used it many times when I've tried to figure out what is what in some of my systems.

VAX Stuff for sale on Ebay

I know, Ebay is something of a bane to many people, but it does turn up stuff that would otherwise get dumped. This link trys to do a search for just VAX related items. Unfortunately it also picks up things when people use VAX in their email address or the word VAX is part of the product description. (Note the above link doesn't work that well, its hard to come up with a search that gets DEC gear but excludes the random junk!)

The VAXStation 3100/M76 manual

This is a complete scan of the VS3100/M76 user manual. Its a great resource for those of you with one of these machines.

Field Guide

Megan Gentry has been maintaining the DEC Field Guide which is a list of module numbers and a description of the boards. This is essential when you are spelunking in scrap heaps for VAXen!


A great reference for those of you running VMS on your VAX. Also includes the very important section on how to get into a VAX where you've forgotten (or never had) the SYSTEM password. This is extremely important if you are going to restore a VAX and you need to save the License database before refurbishment.

The MMJ Connector Cheat Sheet

This is an essential reference for building your own MMJ adapters so that you can talk to your VAXen without buying or obtaining a DEC terminal. There is also a good discussion that has been archived from various newsgroups but be warned some of the posters were incorrect in their statements.. 

The  resource site

This site rocks! Everything you wanted to know about VT100s and the VTxxx terminals that DEC has produced (used as consoles on all my VAXen) its a great place to learn about no-so-dumb DEC terminals.

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