Recorded System Sales of VAX Systems

As EBay is the closest thing we have to an "open" market on VAX systems, I tend to watch it to see what folks are paying for VAX Systems. The numbers are interesting, although sometimes skewed when a dealer gets a call for a specific type of system. For example, there was a period of time when one re-seller had a contract for several VAX 4000/200 systems in the BA215 cabinet. During that time you couldn't get a BA215 on Ebay, even if you saw it, for less than $350, yet one sold for $250 (8/21) and I've seen them go for a bit less than that. All in the timing.

System Price Date
VLC/24MB/RZ23 $51 8/6/01
VLC/24MB/-- $18 8/8/01
VLC/24MB/-- $18 8/8/01
VS4K60/24MB/CD/RZ?? $98 8/12/01
VS4K90/128MB/RZ25/kbd-mouse-etc $120 8/22/01
MV3300/TK70/RF72/BA215 $250 8/21/01
VS3100M76/??MB/RZ?? $81 8/25/01
VS4K60/24MB/RZ23 (running) $102.50 8/25/01
VS3100/M38 $11.50 2/08/02
VS4K60/16MB/Kybrd/Cables/etc $41.00 02/15/02
MV3100/24MB/TZ30 Tape $20 02/15/02
MV3100-90 (nice vax!) No bids at $99 02/16/02

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