The Cocoa Home Page


This is the home page for Cocoa, a  BASIC interpreter written entirely in Java. Why write a BASIC interpreter in Java? Because sometimes its easier to learn BASIC than it is to learn Java. And it makes for a good example of scripting languages within scripting languages.\

And while this language is well documented and the source code well commented, it is still copyrighted. That means the only "rights" I've released on this code are to learn from it and run it for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use it in your commercial endeavor you can license it from me. I've done this in the past and licenses are in the low four figures so don't worry that its something horrendous. Under no circumstances are you allowed to take the code, modify it, and redistribute it. If you want to refer to it, put a link in your documentation back to this page.

Some documentation on the language can be found here.

And a copy of the source code can be found here.

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