FPGA Prototyping/Design Board


The XESS XL40 board

The XL40 board shown here is mounted on top of an X-Tend board that gives it a few more peripherals. Perhaps the coolest of these is the stereo codec in the lower left corner. This board is made by XESS and there is a wonderful Lab book that comes with the Xilinx Student Edition book. There are variations on this board, this one has the 5K gate XC4005XL chip on it, but XESS also sells a 10K gate version (or you can replace the chip in the 5K gate one) and newer versions with 128K of RAM on board. The extra RAM comes in handy if you are doing VGA type displays. The coolest thing I've seen done with this board is the complete RISC CPU over at FPGACPU.ORG. That was one slick project.

You can read my adventures with this and the BurchEd board over on the FPGA pages.

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