Killer "B" -- Our entry into Robotica and BattleBots!

This is the 'B' as it appears in BattleBots. We should make it on to TV unless there are so many cool battles that they run out of time! BattleBots was very interesting compared to Robotica. I do not believe either show is the best, they are however fundamentally different. One of most interesting differences to me was the speed at which the event continued to move during filming. It is truly an event that happens to be televised as opposed to a television show whose theme is an event. 

These are a few pictures of KillerB our entry into the Robotica event that is on The Learning Channel. Click here to see how we did (warning its a spoiler!) We're planning on taking it to BattleBots to see how well it performs against those robot warriors.

The picture on the left is the Killer B Team, from left to right we've got Ellen McManis, Chuck McManis (first row), followed by Jim Gadd, Mark Kottlowski, and Ed "Steamboat" Haas. (click the picture for a larger view)







The picture on the right is is a picture of the robot itself. (With its fancy hazard tape decorations). The high performance Cart wheels give it good traction on most surfaces (it helps to 'smoke' them to heat them up and make them sticky).

This final picture is the "B" with its top off. This is where the real work gets done. As you can see we've got some nice pancake motors, a bundle of NiMh batteries, and a Vantec speed controller in there. We've also got a receiver that is bundled in the foam to isolate it from vibration and noise. Note the omniwheels in the front (ASR120/Polyurethane) for stability and smooth gliding. They worked really well.

Omni Wheel Mounts #1 and #2