Robot Links

Sites of Interest


Not surprisingly there are a large number of links that you might find come in handy when you are building and experimenting with robots. I've collected ones that I know about here for you to peruse.

Kits/Parts Vendors - Gordon McComb's site with robot bases and parts. - Another vendor of components for starter bases. Good Basic-X motherboard. - Jim Frye's excellent servo based arms and kits.

Robot Clubs and Groups - The Home Brew Robotics Club


BIN-LABELS - These are a set of labels I made up for my parts bin cabinets.  The "small" drawers are 1" x 2" and the "large" drawers are 2" x 4". You can get these cabinets in any Hardware Store. To use, print this PDF file on some Avery #8165 full sheet label paper, cut them out and stick them to the drawer fronts.

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