Operation: Parts List

Chuck McManis

Fall 2002


Putting it All Together

There are about 28 components on the Servo Gizmo board, all are currently (11/02) available from Digikey (1-800-DIGIKEY). You can get them from Mouser, Future/Active, etc as well. Generally things are not too particular except the switch and the LEDs. The switch needs to fit in the allowed foot print, and the LEDs that are specified are designed to be use with "light pipes." A light pipe is a fancy name for a piece of clear acrylic tube that you put one end on the LED top (its flat) and the other you put outside your enclosure. This lets you put the LEDs where ever you want.

One change you might want to make is to replace the 4Mhz oscillator with a 10, 12, or even 20Mhz one. Given that the price difference between a 4Mhz PIC and a 20Mhz PIC is so small you should probably just get a 20Mhz one. If you then put a 3 pin SIP header into the board where the resonator goes you can swap out the crystal for different speeds.

Parts List for the Servo Gizmo
Qty Description Digikey Part #
2 Resistor, carbon film, 1/8 watt, 10K 10KEBK-ND
1 Resistor, carbon film, 1/8 watt, 4.7K 4.7KEBK-ND
2 Resistor, carbon film, 1/8 watt, 4.7K 47KEBK-ND
3 Resistor, carbon film, 1/8 watt, 330 330EBK-ND
1 Resistor Network, conformal, bussed, 5 resistors, 47K 770-61-R47K-ND
1 Capacitor, Electrolytic, Radial, 50V, 10uF P828-ND
1 Capacitor, Tantalum, Radial, 16V, 1uF P2105-ND
1 Resonator, Ceramic, Integral Capacitors, 4.0Mhz X902-ND
1 Diode, Silicon, 1N914 1N914BTRCT-ND
1 IC, Voltage Regulator, LDO, 5V LM2940CT-5.0-ND
2 Transistor, NPN, 2n3904 2N3904-ND
1 IC, MCU, PIC, 16F628 PIC16F628-20/P-ND
1 IC, DRIVER, 754410 296-9911-5-ND
2 LED, Round w/ Flat Top, 2.8MM, Amber P378-ND
1 LED, Round w/ Flat Top, 2.8MM, Green P377-ND
1 Switch, Pushbutton, Momentary, Normally Open EG1413-ND
1 Socket, DIP, machine, .3", 18pin ED3118-ND
1 Socket, DIP, machine, .3", 18pin ED3116-ND
1 Header, .1" x .1", dual row,  2 position S2012-02-ND
2 Connector, SIP, RT-Angle, .1" spacing. 4 pins A1917-ND
1 Connector, SIP, RT-Angle, .1" spacing, 8 pins A1919-ND
28 Total components


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