Robotics Tutorials and Presentations

By: Chuck McManis

It is not unusual for me to give presentations on various topics in robotics, I enjoy it and many people think I'm pretty good at it. Sometimes people ask for copies of the slides and sometimes they would like to give the presentation themselves to a different audience. In either case it became clear that it would be helpful to have these things on the web for others to use. As I develop them I'll try to remember to put copies here so that you and others can benefit.


H-Bridge Theory and Practice - A two part tutorial on both the theory behind H-bridges and how you might go about designing one to fit your needs.

Printed Circuit Board Design - This talk is scheduled for October 2002.

The servo image above is a rendering of my first real drawing in TurboCAD. This is a program that has haunted me because of the cool things I had seen other people do with it and I could not make it do. 

Robotics Notebook

Robotics Notebook